The Evans Legacy: Chapter 1

Elsa Evans had grown chubby and carelss as she spent most of her days lazing around her parent’s house, not doing much. Tired of her lack of motivation and general laziness, her parents decided to give her a kick-start and they dumped her out on a huge plot of family land for her to live on (without them).


So, here Elsa was, with nothing but herself, her childhood horse, Starlight, and a whole lot of grass. Plus the measly $1,500 that made up her savings, and with Starlight in tow with her, Elsa knew that the money was not going to stretch very far.


Desperate for money, Elsa started to train her and her horse for local competitions. It had been a while since she had ridden and they both were quite rusty. It would be a long while since either of them would be contest-ready. So, to get some quick cash, Elsa signed up for a part time job at the grocery store.


After a long day of training and job-hunting, Elsa went to bed in her wide open field exhausted. Things were going to be tough for a while–very tough. But her and Starlight were going to find a way through it all. They had to.


The next day, Elsa woke up bright in early to go to the gym. She knew the extra weight Starlight had to carry around with her riding was slowing them down. Now that she had something to work toward, Elsa was feeling quite ambitious and not like her previous lethargic self. She was still mad at her parents for throwing her into this situation, of course, but in a way it was helpful. She never thought she’d think this, but it felt good to actually be doing things.


Her and Starlight stilled trained hard, although things were still rather shaky. Elsa was proud of the progress she was making with her own body as well as the progress her and Starlight were making together. She was bringing in a small amount of money through her job but she couldn’t wait to start bringing in the big bucks by winning competitions.


In their first jumping competition, Elsa and Starlight placed third. She was ecstatic and extremely pleased with how well her and and her horse worked together. The prize money was small for this one, but she knew that they could only get better from here. Plus, she had saved up enough to put up four walls around her–she finally had a roof above her head!


Things could get lonely, though with only a horse for your BFF, so she set up a dating profile, hoping to meet someone special. There was a young man named Travis and the two of them hit it off quite well. She would call him almost everyday and they would talk for hours.


Fall was quickly upon them and Elsa and Travis went on their first real date to the fall festival. They had absolutely riveting conversations about the pumpkins that were growing there. Well, maybe more riveting on Elsa’s part but Travis tried his best to be entertained by it.


Later on, they shared their first kiss together. It wasn’t even ruined by Travis’s pie-face he got from joining the pie-eating competition.

Elsa had won a few more competitions and had gotten a promotion at her job and now she had a delicious man. Things were going really well for her these days. Feeling confident, Elsa invited Travis over to her house to spend the night…


Which led to more kissing (in their PJ’s), which led to… well, I think you can figure it out from here. 😉


Elsa felt as though she was neglecting her horse with all this boy-time, so she made sure to get out the next day and practice some with some more advanced jumps to prepare them for more advanced competitions (which they subsequently won). It was a good thing too, because Elsa got some surprising news the next day….


A little bundle of cells was slowly growing in her belly that would someday be a child! At first she was shocked and scared (it was only one time how could she be pregnant from just that once???) and then a strange sense of giddiness took over her. She was having a baby. A real baby! A little bitty mini-her! She quickly called Travis and told him to meet her at the festival again.


She was rather nervous as to how he would take the news but he seemed as excited as her! He even suggested that they move in together so he could take care of her and their baby when it came. Elsa happily agreed. She couldn’t wait to start a little family.

She did have some reservations though. How well did she really know Travis? They had only really had one real date, and now she was having his child an he was moving in with her. Was this really a smart decision? In any case, she would welcome the extra help as well as the extra cash he was sure to contribute.

She pushed the doubts to the back of her mind, and forced a happy demeanor.


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